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Google still coming in any time they feel like it, have been working in back. What were all the flags and markings done in the front for?

The ones they placed there as they camped out in the parking area for weeks-- I still don't know. No reputable company would have allowed this to happen -- using our lawns to build relationships with sleaze.

Original review posted by user Jan 17, 2017

For over a month and a half at my home in Charlotte, NC , USIC has been sitting in the parking area for hours, sometimes never getting out of trucks, annoying residents by backing into spaces over and over again next to their home, painting and repainting lawns without any notice or permission, stomping on grass flagging and reflagging In all conversations with and voice mails from Google-Fiber they said they checked with their construction crews and were told they weren't working in the area. Very misleading at best, USIC has flagged and marked some of the homes multiple times.

Google-Fiber flyer finally on my door last week and they started to dig here near the entrance today. The response from Google when it arrived, "when did you get the flyer, where did they mark?" S&N Communication trucks (Google's construction contractor) are also on the property today.

During the marking in the back today, which has been done at least four times before, two men (from USIC trucks) were smoking and the lit cigarette was thrown to the ground. Google Fiber Construction Information Hotline: 877-454-6959

Product or Service Mentioned: Google Fiber Customer Care.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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Who are these guys & what are they supposed to be doing? After observing, many times, with wonder, a pattern became evident and I decided to seek answers.

At any given ("assigned"?) location you can observe multiple employees a day, each with their own vehicle, arriving at different times to do basically the same things in the same spot. Park in a place where most visitors would easily assume it is private and/or blocking the road, put a pylon out, use the porta potty, take a picture or two, get something from their vehicle that looks like tools of the trade and then perform what looks like someone walking around with a tool that he isn't using. Then they put it back in the vehicle and walk around, up & down and back & forth. Eventually, they will return to their vehicle and gaze about until it seems that they have decided that they have killed enough time and it's now time to pick up their pylon and move on to another location.

Some googling and just looking at glass door says a lot about this system. The majority numbers of dissatisfied employees, dissatisfied customers and the irritation it causes for the those who reside in the neighborhoods where these guys show up to milk the system, speaks volumes.

I have noticed that they are particularly fond of dead end streets. Perhaps that's due to familiarity.


Dont see how they are not getting out of their trucks but keep marking the area? Also they mark when whoever calls in a ticket.

If they call in 1 to 100 tickets before the contractor starts by law they have to mark the area.

Also there is a thing called easements, and if the contractor calls in the entire property that's what they mark. Your problem is with whoever called in the tickets way before they need to be marked

to Michael USIC Lead Tech #1490599

It was a bad show and have noticed USIC rearing it's head all over in places it shouldn't be. It was absolutely both--Saturday morning and many other days, sitting in the truck early making whatever noise was available.

Flurry of trucks in the day the work was actually started including a smoking session in the lot on this holiday morning. I was the one that the HOA "warned them about" -- some confrontational nut that would dare not want them to act like barbarians and really steal time from our lives for elicit activities. The gentleman who wrote me from your company made reference to pictures---I think it was me daring to picture you doing this on my property.

What in *** is wrong with you? You took advantage of this "project," probably cost me thousands when I was trying to sell my place and you're still rationalizing it.

to Michael USIC Lead Tech #1491415

as a locator this is very true, we mark what we are told and legally we can't not use paint, also our tickets are only legally valid for so long, so if someone comes out and marks "like 4 times" its probably been a few months, or it rained and the marks were removed

to jim buchanan #1491428

Yes, it was also a total rip-off of the fund that pays for these locates including the city. Love how you just come on out and start marking repeatedly.

No one even knew what was going on.

And it was "willy nilly." Any questions asked would be answered differently depending on who and when you asked. You couldn't even get a straight answer as to who was contracting the work.


Oh the horrors, a lit cigarette thrown on the ground! I do hope you reported them for littering, not to mention loitering for all the hanging out they're doing in your parking lot. If they're not actively working, they need to move on.

to Anonymous #1490602

Yes, there were smoking sessions in front of our home. I don't know if you were being sarcastic at the beginning but the lit cigarette was thrown in a place where it could have caused a lot of damage--there was a lot to burn in a small area. It's still not funny.

Jackson, Tennessee, United States #1278591

Good! Now thats what I call payback, Kuester!

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