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Google still coming in any time they feel like it, have been working in back. What were all the flags and markings done in the front for?

The ones they placed there as they camped out in the parking area for weeks-- I still don't know. No reputable company would have allowed this to happen -- using our lawns to build relationships with sleaze.

Original review posted by user Jan 17, 2017

For over a month and a half at my home in Charlotte, NC , USIC has been sitting in the parking area for hours, sometimes never getting out of trucks, annoying residents by backing into spaces over and over again next to their home, painting and repainting lawns without any notice or permission, stomping on grass flagging and reflagging In all conversations with and voice mails from Google-Fiber they said they checked with their construction crews and were told they weren't working in the area. Very misleading at best, USIC has flagged and marked some of the homes multiple times.

Google-Fiber flyer finally on my door last week and they started to dig here near the entrance today. The response from Google when it arrived, "when did you get the flyer, where did they mark?" S&N Communication trucks (Google's construction contractor) are also on the property today.

During the marking in the back today, which has been done at least four times before, two men (from USIC trucks) were smoking and the lit cigarette was thrown to the ground. Google Fiber Construction Information Hotline: 877-454-6959

Review about: Google Fiber Customer Care.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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Oh the horrors, a lit cigarette thrown on the ground! I do hope you reported them for littering, not to mention loitering for all the hanging out they're doing in your parking lot. If they're not actively working, they need to move on.

Jackson, Tennessee, United States #1278591

Good! Now thats what I call payback, Kuester!

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